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ARK Corporation

ARK XO Series Wheeled Trailer Jack

ARK XO Series Wheeled Trailer Jack

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ARK Corporation is experiencing a delay on XO500 models. ETA is late February for re-stock.


The ARK Corporation XO Series Wheeled Trailer Jacks are the perfect add on to make your Hiker Trailer easily maneuverable in any environment.

Each XO Series Jack includes the following features:

  • Removable jack handle - Great option for a power drill!
  • Multiple Height Adjustments (varies by model)
  • Easy pivot variable yoke trailing design - Swivel to stow!
  • Dual heavy duty wheels with sealed bearings


Hiker Trailer Fitment:

Highway Deluxe - XO350 (Max height 21")

Mid Range - XO500 (Max height 28")

Mid Range XL - XO500 (Max Height 28")

Extreme Off Road - XO750 Tube Mount - Fits larger size EOR jack mounts (Max height 28") right out of the box!

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