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Goal Zero

Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit

Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit

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Keep essential circuits in your home running even when the power isn’t with this easy-to-install kit and your Yeti Power Station.

NOTE: Requires installation by a qualified licensed electrician with a thorough knowledge of all applicable electrical and building codes. Only viable with indoor circuit breaker panels. Must have Yeti 1000X or above with a Yeti Link Expansion Module.

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Use Your Power Station at Home

  • Turn your Yeti Power Station into a back up generator

  • Kit charges your Yeti when the grid has power

  • Run up to 4 breakers during a power outage

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Key Features

-Voltage: 120 Single-Phase
-Frequency: 60 Hertz
-Rated Watts: 1875 Watts
-Rated Amps: 15A @ 120 Volts (Single Phase)
-Number of Circuit Breakers: 4
-Max Generator Input: 15 Amps
-Maximum Wattage: 1875 Watts
-Transfer Switch Circuits: 15A 120V
-Circuit Breaker Protection: Each Circuit


-Warranty: 2 Years
-Made: USA
-Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
-Dimensions: 7.75 x 11.25 x 4.5
-Enclosure: NEMA 1R
-Conduit Length: 18
-UL Listed: Yes
-Compatible with Yeti X and Yeti Lithium Power -Stations 1000W and up

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