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Zero Breeze

Zero Breeze Mark 2

Zero Breeze Mark 2

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Take air conditioning with you wherever you go.  The ultra compact and efficient Zero Breeze Mark 2 features a 2300BTU rated compressor to help drop the temperature up to 30°F.

With optional battery packs and adapters, run the Zero Breeze Mark 2 off-grid for hours and maintain a comfortable environment.

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Bring the comfort of A/C anywhere your Hiker Trailer can go

  • Lightweight and efficient

  • Run for hours off of battery pack

  • Cool your Hiker Trailer anywhere

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Key Features

-Cool, Fan, Sleep, or Boost settings
-Water resistant design, but not water proof
-Quick change batteries with integrated USB for charging accessories on the go
-Wireless Remote
-Integrated LED light right
-LED display of ambient temperature


-4 fan speeds
-2300 BTU rated
-240W wall charger, or 24V DC battery power
-Hiker Tested: Will run on highest settings for up to 5 hours on one charge

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