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Truma C30 Powered Cooler

Truma C30 Powered Cooler

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The Truma C30 Single Zone Portable Fridge/Freezer is the smallest portable freezer in the Truma lineup. Compact and powerful, it features the same, cooling technology as Truma's large portable fridge/freezers.

With the Truma C30, you have temperature control capabilities that allow you to adjust interior temperatures to cooling or freezing conditions.

With about two feet of interior fridge and freezer space, there’s enough room for your beachside picnic or the six-pack for the tailgate. At 39Ibs, it’s durable enough for any adventure and light enough to remove from your vehicle and put back into storage when you’re done with your trip.


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Rugged, secure food and beverage storage

  • Smallest size in the Truma line

  • Fits in the Hiker Trailer Fridge box with most fridge slide installs

  • Use the Truma app to manage settings and monitor temperatures

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Key Features

-Fits inside Hiker Trailer Fridge Box
-Super efficient 12/24V DC Compressor
-Integrated Bottle Openers
-Flat carry tie down handles
-Digital display w/ USB A charge port
-Multi-voltage power (12V DC or 110V AC)
-12V plug on both ends
-LED interior light
-Truma Cooler app available for monitoring and more


Volume: 30 Ltr / 8 Gal
Can Count: 32
L: 24" x W: 13" x H: 17"
Weight: 39lbs
Temperature Range: -8F to 50F
Avg. Amp Draw: 0.5Amp

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